Installation Of New Weight-Compliant Cantilever Racking

The annual site inspection highlighted a potential problem and resulted in the installation of new, weight compliant racking that is fit-for-purpose and protects Speedy Hire staff - and equipment is securely and safely stored.

The Project

This particular project involved installing a cantilever racking extension consisting of one single-sided run of two bays 4.2m high with 1000mm bases and 3x 1000mm arms per upright.

Our Client

Our client for the project was Speedy Hire Oxford, part of Speedy Hire plc. Our client is one of the UK's leading tools, equipment, PPE and site consumable hire providers and we have partnered with them for several years now

The Challenge

Speedy wanted to use the cantilever racking to store Bumpa hoists (these hoists are used to transfer large numbers of roof tiles safely and efficiently from ground level to roof level).

USS are instructed to complete an annual inspection of the racking at Speedy Hire’s premises. When our client told us they wanted to use the racking to store Bumpa hoists, we considered this during the inspection.

We discovered that because the existing cantilever racking was old and not of standard construction, we couldn’t verify its suitability for holding the hoists.

And Finally

We advised our client on a replacement cantilever racking bay so they can now safely store the Bumpa hoists and the new racking has full weight loading signage to mitigate against incorrect use.

We Are Happy to Say

"We have been Partners with United Storage for the last four years and it has transformed the way we have done business with regards to our storage requirements and product needs such as pallet racking, cantilever racking, mezzanine floors and a range of products offered in their industrial catalogue. We can depend on United Storage to deliver a cost-effective service in respect of product, design, project management and installation. We know we are in a safe pair of hands. They have delivered solutions that have helped us maximise space and increase our operational efficiency. Their customer service, including flexibility, efficiency and the commitment to understand our business needs, is exemplary."

Simon Knapton

Group Facility & Project Manager - UK & Ireland

Speedy Services - Property