Large Mezzanine Floor For New Distribution Centre

2nd July 2018
Large Mezzanine Floor For New Distribution Centre

United Storage has many projects running at any one time. Some of the larger ones can take months to plan ahead, but we always take it in our stride as we have done for the past 41 years.

Construction is a very dynamic field involving many different contractors. Recently we have been working with Glencar Construction on a new distribution centre in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. Glencar, like United Storage Systems, have undertaken many large projects for some of the UK's leading businesses.

We thrive on creating excellent business links and relations, as it gives our client a smoother professional service. By utilising everyone's key skills and expertise, joint partnerships with construction companies enable all aspect of the build to be planned and fulfilled.

From inception to completion, United Storage Systems are dedicated to providing an industry-leading service, that delivers exceptional quality results economically and to a deadline. Our accreditations speak for themselves, so to see how we can develop your business, contact our friendly sales team.

Pictured is the new distribution centre in progress, which we are fitting with a 2700m2 commercial mezzanine floor and three steel staircase installations.