Feature Staircase and Mezzanine Floor Installation


Feature Staircase and Mezzanine Floor Installation

A project that began as an enquiry about a custom "feature staircase" and expanded to include the manufacture and installation of a mezzanine floor.

The Project

This was a really creative project for us all! It involved the design and installation of a bespoke feature staircase for Sea Containers London.  Subsequently, USS was also commissioned to design and install a mezzanine floor to create a conference area with meeting tables.

Our Client

Our client, GS Contracts Ltd are specialist interior contractors for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors.

GS Contracts were the main contractor and completed the whole fit-out for ‘The Gallery’ at Sea Containers London. They instructed USS to carry out the staircase and mezzanine floor installation.

The Challenge

Initially, we were approached about a proposed custom staircase, and the client sent drawings along with their enquiry.

On looking at the drawings, we noticed a mezzanine floor and asked if we could also quote for this. Our Contracts Manager visited the site and completed a site survey. As a result, the client placed the order for USS to provide a mezzanine floor as well as the feature staircase.

The architect provided drawings of the staircase concept and our Contracts Manager and Designer subsequently had meetings with the architect; our challenge was to advise how their vision could be realised from a manufacturing perspective.

Our input provided the architect with the necessary information required in order to understand how their helical staircase design could become a reality. Part of these discussions were around colour and branding. Initially the requirement was for the entire staircase to be pink but subsequently, a decision was made to have the underside pink while the upper side was left in natural steel with an oiled finish.

Our discussions with the architect completed, we provided revised drawings and the order for the manufacture and installation of the staircase was placed. The mezzanine floor installation came first and the staircase was installed shortly after.

And FinallyPink Above

USS gave manufacturing and design advice to achieve the creative vision in keeping with Sea Containers branding; described on their website as follows:

“With a design reminiscent of a 1920s transatlantic cruise liner, award-winning food and drink outlets and an electric energy, Sea Containers London is the remarkable South Bank hotel. It’s a destination where glamour meets brutalism – and it's your London anchor on the River Thames. “

The staircase and mezzanine floor feature in this piece about The Gallery on Sea Containers London’s website.

We Are Happy to Say

United Storage were a great company to work with, manufacturing and installing the Architect’s design for this project. After a discussion with their designers, USS suggested changes that were both practical and in keeping with Sea Container’s brand resulting in a fantastic staircase. Their service and communication was excellent. Tidy and considerate fitters made it a pleasure to deal with United Storage. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

GS Contracts Ltd