Warehouse Racking, Wire Mesh Installations And Shelving Solutions for New Warehouse


Warehouse Racking, Wire Mesh Installations And Shelving Solutions for New Warehouse

A project that saw us supply and install various storage solutions for a brand new warehouse in Rainham, Essex.

The Project

After sending us their specification and accepting our quotation, our client commissioned us to fit out a brand new warehouse in Rainham, Essex. We supplied and installed 218 frames of 11-metre high Kimer pallet racking; over 100 metres of anti-collapse mesh, 64 metres of mesh partitioning and 83 bays of steel shelving, plus the required floor bolts, shims, row spacers, frame protectors and corner guards needed to ensure the smooth running of a busy warehouse.

The Client

We carried out this project for an insulation distributor based in Rainham, Essex. The Company is a long-standing valued client, having worked with them for many years on similar projects in the past.

insulation warehouse 1

The Challenge

The client had outgrown their previous warehouse space and moved to a new unit with no pre-existing storage. They needed a storage solutions provider they could trust, and with our understanding and knowledge of their business needs, we are their preferred supplier.

insulation distribution warehouse

Our quote was quickly accepted, and we set about organising the fit-out, supplying and installing the required pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and mesh partitioning to meet our client's present and future storage requirements.

The installation included:

  • 218 frames of 11m high Kimer pallet racking, organised into 31 bays with additional extension posts (We also installed all the necessary floor bolts, shims and row spacers, frame protectors and corner guards for the racking).
  • Over 2000 beams of various lengths and load weight capacity.
  • Pallet Racking Safety pins, which prevent beams from becoming dislodged during normal loading/unloading operations.
  • Over 1000 timber decks and chipboard decking.
  • 100 metres of 11m high anti-collapse mesh for the 31 bays of pallet racking (providing a simple but cost-effective option to avoid accidents and limit stock damage).
  • 83 bays of steel shelving, 2.0m high, 1.2m wide x 600mm deep with clad backs and sides
  • 64 metres of mesh partitioning, including five doors with a 'push-to-release' pad. (We installed mesh partitioning to create a walkway that would increase safety from the fork-lift usage area and comply with Health and Safety legislation.)
  • 2 runs of double-sided cantilever racking 10 metres high.

And Finally

Our client was delighted with their new warehouse, and we're confident that we'll be their preferred supplier for any future work. If you have a similar project or need help with a warehouse fit-out, you can contact a member of the USS team here.

We Are Happy to Say

We're proud to say we completed the project in good time and left our client with a well-organised space capable of supporting their continued growth.