New Mezzanine Floor And Staircases For Retail Shop


New Mezzanine Floor And Staircases For Retail Shop

This project for a major retailer entailed the installation of a new mezzanine floor and three staircases with mid-landings.

The Project

The installation of a new mezzanine floor was to provide much-needed additional storage and three new staircases with mid-landings in our client's store at a very busy shopping centre in Stratford.

Our Client

JD Stratford ShopOur client for this project was JD Sports Fashion PLC for their retail store at Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford.

The Challenge

JD Sports wanted extra space to store stock in the shop but knew there was an obvious problem around access. The Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford is a bustling location, and the JD Sports shop is located on the second floor. Our design and installation planning would have to take this into account.

What We Did

We had previously installed a staircase for JD Sports and subsequently received an enquiry about a mezzanine floor where they could store stock.

JD Sports' structural engineer supplied USS with a drawing from which we were able to propose a suggested budget for the project. This was followed up with a meeting with their structural designer. The discussion focused on the fact that the recommended beam weight on the supplied drawings would have had to be transported at night - both time-consuming and costly. We came up with an alternative design that allowed us to get all the steelwork into the shopping centre through the lifts and back of house.

Following our meeting, we prepared revised drawings and supplied quotations for two options. Once the customer received Landlord approval for the work, they gave us the order to proceed. Following this, we carried out one final complete site survey. We produced fabrication drawings. Once approved by JD Sports, we then moved to the manufacturing stage.

As we were already aware, installation presented a problem as access to the store was limited - this meant it was impossible to use a forklift truck. Our installation plan called for the use of electric lift stackers, and we used them with great success.

JD Works

The final floor and staircases we installed at the shop consist of a 670m2 mezzanine floor with a finished floor level of 2515mm and a natural 22mm deck finish. We also installed three back of house staircases with rectangular hollow section top stringers, top rail and knee rail. The staircases included mid-landing and enclosed chequer plate treads in a powder-coated finish with contrasting nosings.

And Finally

They said it couldn’t be done but we did it! If you have a similar project or need help with a warehouse fit-out, you can contact a member of the USS team here.

We Are Happy to Say

We really needed the extra space a new mezzanine would offer but were well aware of the challenges that access would present. Having worked with USS before however, we knew they'd come up with a viable solution. We were right!

Tayla Brooks

Project Manager, UK and Ireland

JD Group