Mezzanine Floor and Staircases For Brand New London Entertainment Venue


Mezzanine Floor and Staircases For Brand New London Entertainment Venue

A project where we worked with a specialist fit-out company to help bring a brand-new "grown-ups only" entertainment concept to life. 

The Project

A brand new venue based on the traditional sights, sounds and fun of the fairground. The venue would bring all the best-loved fairground games and activities to a 20,000 sq.ft arena located in the heart of London at Canary Wharf. We were responsible for the design and build of four irregular-shaped Mezzanine floors, two bespoke design back-of-house stairs with winding treads and two public staircases based on a very elaborate fairground-design.

Our Client

Our direct client for this project was UK-based fit-out specialist DDI Projects. We have worked with DDI for many years and our remit was to help them bring their client’s vision for a brand-new entertainment concept for grown-ups only, to life.

Fairgame is the company responsible for bringing this unique, immersive, grown-ups only, fairground experience to the world.

The Challenge

The remit for this new entertainment location in the heart of Canary Wharf was to develop a one-off, absolutely stand out venue replicating all the fun of the fair but with an adult twist.

What We Did

This was a fully collaborative endeavour where we worked with Fairgame's chosen design and construction teams to create buildable solutions to their one-off specification. The specification incorporated all the inspired and imaginative design details of Fairgame's vision for the venue.

FG venue

Throughout the build process, the expertise of the USS team was brought to bear in coming up with the valuable design adaptations that brought this ambitious vision to reality.

Installation and Design Highlights

Specifically designed for the difficult location and site restrictions. This installation includes:

  • Four irregular-shaped Mezzanine floors were installed in a very restrictive location. The installation was further complicated by the requirement for a substantial hanging steel framework to support duct encasement.
  • Two bespoke design back-of-house stairs with winding treads.
  • One bespoke customer stairway to toilets with winding, anodized aluminium treads and multi-coloured handrails.
  • Two elaborate fairground-design-inspired showcase stairs for public use serving the mezzanine level along with alternating pink and yellow transparent interlayered glass barriers.

FG venue mezzanine floor

The End Result

Fairgame now have a truly one-off venue that everyone is talking about!

We Are Happy to Say

A truly collaborative and fun project, working with Fairgame's design and construction teams. Building the final designs of the four one-off, extremely intricate and irregular-shaped mezzanines with access stairs was a challenge that we were more than up for. The final result is amazing and we're very proud to have played a role in the project's success.

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