Pallet Racking & Cantilever Racking Warehouse Storage Solution


Pallet Racking & Cantilever Racking Warehouse Storage Solution

A project to install pallet and cantilever racking for an insulation and interior supplies specialist.

The Project

This racking and storage project entailed the installation of 100 bays of Kimer pallet racking reaching heights of 10 metres for the storage of insulation products. Additionally, cantilever racking was also installed to store a range of associated metal products.

Our Client

Our client for this project is an insulation and interior supplies specialist located in Bedford.

The Challenge

Our client’s Bedford location comprises a brand new warehouse, part of an ongoing branch network expansion. The amount of product required a racking and storage solution that would maximise the available floor space and allow them to stock as much as possible without compromising on the ability to move and access stock quickly and safely.

What We Did

We were pleased to receive an enquiry about optimising their new warehouse space from this much-valued, existing client. The brief contained information about how high the racking should be and requested advice on other considerations such as pallet weight and the purchase of a suitable forklift truck to accommodate the proposed racking height.

Pallet racking and cantilever racking in warehouse

We carried out a site survey and fine-tuned the drawings provided by our client to ensure the product storage would be uniformly distributed over the new racking.

Our quote was accepted, the order placed and we installed the racking. The project ran very smoothly, helped by the fact that the warehouse was empty thus allowing very clear access during the installation.

Pallet racking & cantilever racking in warehouse

And Finally

Our client was delighted and of course, USS were happy to have successfully completed another project for a valued customer.

We Are Happy to Say

A great project to work on that’s proved how the storage in an existing facility can be expanded successfully with the right choice of racking.

United Storage Systems