New Racking System and Mezzanine Floor


New Racking System and Mezzanine Floor

Starting with a racking inspection with a view to increasing storage space, the project developed into a full mezzanine floor installation at the BBC. It was made more challenging as filming continued throughout the process.

The Project

This project developed from an initial requirement for a new racking system. The final workscope included the installation of a mezzanine floor, 38 bays longspan racking and two industrial staircases.

Our Client

Our client was the BBC in Birmingham.

The Challenge

Initially, the BBC required more storage space to store props used in their drama series, “Doctors” set in a Midlands practice. They contacted USS and asked us to carry out a racking inspection.

The inspection was carried out and a Racking Inspection Report submitted. Our report concluded that the racking wasn’t suitable for what they needed. Over subsequent discussions about possible solutions, our client raised the subject of a mezzanine floor saying he had been considering one for the same location. 

What We Did

We showed the client drawings outlining a possible mezzanine and racking design, highlighting the improvements this would make to the storage and space available in the building. USS provided a quote for a 43sqm mezzanine floor, 38 bays of 2m high longspan racking and two industrial staircases. We made a second visit for a final survey and were awarded the contract.

A drama series production location is a busy place! It was a foregone conclusion that filming had to continue at the usual pace so we ensured the work programme accommodated the filming schedule, stopping whenever required so the noise of the installation didn’t impact on the production.

And Finally

The usable space and prop storage area has been vastly improved with the additional racking and the mezzanine floor.

We Are Happy to Say

Our ability to work around the continuation of filming was key to the success of this project for BBC Birmingham and our client is delighted with the end result!