Multi-Tier Mezzanine For New Build Logistics & Distribution Facility


Multi-Tier Mezzanine For New Build Logistics & Distribution Facility

A project to incorporate dedicated technical workshops for third-party use in a brand new logistics and distribution facility.

The Project

This project involved the construction of a multi-tier mezzanine floor consisting of 3 tiers, each measuring 70m x 42m, along with 2 multi-tier staircases, one of which was enclosed in a fire-rated pod (sealed fire-rated enclosure). Bespoke full height mesh handrails and concertina pallet gates were fitted at every level. In addition, we also installed a twin goods lift.

Our Client

Our client, Readie Construction was commissioned to carry out this project by their global logistics partner.

The Challenge

The new-build logistics and distribution buildings had to incorporate dedicated ‘Tech Centre Workshops’ for use by third-party companies to assemble parts for dispatch from the Distribution Centre.

Readie Construction Case Study

The incorporation of a multi-tier mezzanine and additional features for the Tech Centre Workshops provide a single location for logistics, technology and parts assembly and distribution.

USS received an outline enquiry from the main contractor and further information in the form of architect drawings and architect scheme from which we were able to provide a quote which was accepted.

No survey was required as we were working on a new-build structure. The building was built using 3D modelling, with information shared between all contractors working off the same modelling. This meant for example, that the contractor who built the building and those who installed the wall co-ordinated their activities along with other contractors off the same 3D modelling. The submissions were managed and controlled by the architect to create the final plan.

Multi-tier mezzanine case study

The project was undertaken during the COVID-19 situation with all teams working strictly to Government guidelines.

There were several challenges to be met for this particular project, not least of which were the restrictions and limitations on working conditions caused by the pandemic. In addition, this was a turnkey project with new steel delivered every day – requiring us to execute the planning and coordination for manufacture with meticulous attention to detail and timing.

multi-tier mezzanine for new building

Over the course of the project, approximately 100 lorry deliveries were made!

We were also able to fulfil the construction of several other steel structures for the client at short notice, which served to keep the project flowing at a faster pace.

And Finally

This was an exciting project with a high-demand for teamwork and coordination of the activities of several contractors on-site simultaneously – notwithstanding the challenges of COVID-19. We are proud to say that the project was successfully completed on time.

We Are Happy to Say

This project involved many contractors working separately while co-ordinating activities to fulfil the scope of work for the additional workshops. The smooth functioning of this project could not have been achieved without the attention to detail and dedication of each and every member of the USS team. At every juncture, we were confident that we would meet the deadlines and delivery standards required and that a successful completion was always USS's number one priority.

Alan Archer

Project Manager

Readie Construction Limited