Custom-Build Mezzanine Pallet Safety Gate


Custom-Build Mezzanine Pallet Safety Gate

A project to install a custom pallet gate specially adapted for lifting pallets onto a mezzanine floor easily.

The Project

This project began simply enough, with a request to build and install a pallet gate that would allow our client to lift pallets onto a mezzanine floor easily.

The interesting aspect of the project was the bespoke nature of the final design and installation, which incorporated functional elements designed to solve a very specific problem.

Our Client

Our client is a large UK-based builders' merchant that supplies thousands of products to customers around the country.

The Challenge

Our client needed to be able to lift pallets onto a pre-existing mezzanine floor that was inherited as part of the building structure when they moved in.

What We Did

The request was to quote for the installation of a standard pallet gate. When our team surveyed the mezzanine, they noted that there was a pre-existing roller shutter door where the pallet gate would be installed. We determined that installing the pallet gate in the proposed position would prevent the roller shutter door from closing.

Once we'd discussed this challenge with our client, they asked us to suggest a design that would allow them to keep the roller shutter in place - along with the new pallet gate.

Our design team produced drawings incorporating a sliding system that would allow the gate to slide backwards - allowing room for the roller shutter to close.

The customer accepted our quotation to implement this design. We undertook the manufacture and quality testing of the pallet gate with its customised sliding system at our sister company's manufacturing facility in Haverhill.

The final design we delivered and installed consists of one bespoke sliding concertina gate 2100mm high x 3000mm wide x 3000mm deep in yellow.

This was a a well-coordinated project completed within a few weeks.

We Are Happy to Say

This custom-design pallet gate ensured our client got exactly what they needed - without making compromises on existing functionality and operational requirements.

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