Two Mezzanine Floors For Self-Storage Facility In Birmingham


Two Mezzanine Floors For Self-Storage Facility In Birmingham

A mezzanine floor project for an existing self-storage client based in Birmingham. 

The Project

We were engaged to undertake a project to manufacture and install two mezzanine floors along with fire safety features, for a self-storage facility in Birmingham.

Our Client

Our client for this project was Safestore, one of Europe’s largest self-storage providers.

What We Did

As Safestore is an existing customer USS are on their approved supplier list. Initial drawings were provided for the floor design. We provided a quote for the project from the drawings and the quote was accepted.

We carried out a site survey and discovered that the original design was unsuited to the load-bearing capability of the existing concrete floor. On the advice of Safestore’s structural engineer, we redesigned the floor, adding extra columns to reduce the point loads on the concrete slab. There was no extra cost incurred for re-designing the mezzanine.

safestore birmingham works

USS were responsible for the manufacture and installation of:

  • First Mezzanine of 2300 square metres
  • Second Mezzanine of 950 square metres
  • Ceilings and Columns all with 60-minute fire protection.
  • Two fire escape staircases.
  • A walkway to connect both floors.
  • 38mm decking boards.

We installed the floors in the existing two units and once the door openings were knocked through the wall we installed threshold plates, thus allowing access.

safestore birmingham works ceiling nets

Initially, our client requested that the mezzanine floor be designed and installed to meet the inner wall.

Once the walls were knocked through and the mezzanine installed the client was able to visualize the final look and at this point, a decision was made to extend the floor to the outer wall. Additional steelwork was installed around the edges and decking was added to create additional space.

safestore birmingham finished floor columns

The ceilings and column casings were installed with 60-minute fire rating.

safestore birmingham finished floor

And Finally

A very happy client, with a building ready for the schedule of works to be completed by other contractors.

We Are Happy to Say

As ever USS pulled out all the stops with this project and delivered the new mezzanine floor in record time, even with additional items, ensuring that the project stayed on track. A superb installation to the highest quality and standards.

Andy Robinson

Construction Manager