5 Great Questions To Ask Your Mezzanine Floor Supplier


5 Great Questions To Ask Your Mezzanine Floor Supplier

Here at United Storage Systems, we often herald mezzanine floor installation as the simplest, quickest, and most efficient solution to the problem of needing more space within a location for operations or storage.

When compared with the options of expanding the footprint of a building by extending or relocating, the relative speed and simplicity of a mezzanine floor installation are indeed striking, but this doesn't stop it from being a large-scale undertaking in its own right. In simple terms, the only way to ensure that an installation of this kind is a success – which we'd define as installing a tailored mezzanine floor to the budget and timetable required – is to plan in as much detail as possible before a single component arrives on site. The fewer unexpected issues that arise in the course of an installation, the better this planning has been, and that's why it's vital to work with the right contractors and ensure you ask them the key questions that need asking. While particular issues impacting an installation may depend on the particular circumstances of each project, specific general questions always need to be asked to ensure that the contractor you're dealing with has the know-how and experience required.

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We think these are 5 of the most important questions you should ask a prospective mezzanine floor supplier for your project:

Do They Manufacture Their Mezzanine Floors?

As with any large-scale project, the fewer contractors involved, the easier it is to guarantee delivery to a strict budgetary and timescale remit. In addition, if a mezzanine floor supplier has manufacturing facilities for the floors they install, it's a given that they'll be able to work closely with you to ensure the plan they create is customised to meet your needs exactly. What's more, you'll be able to look at past installations and know that the quality delivered to previous clients is a reflection of their manufacturing expertise, as well as their installation service. One final advantage of working with a company that also manufactures is that the absence of another contractor removes the need for mark-up costs, for example.        

Do They Supply the Accessories Needed for Your Installation?

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking of a mezzanine floor installation as being simply that – the floor space itself and the mechanisms needed to keep that floor securely in place. In reality, for any structure to function safely and efficiently as part of a more expansive space, it needs to feature finishing touches such as staircases, handrails and balustrades. Suppose an installer can supply these components as well. In that case, it will speed completion - it removes the need to source other contractors to do the job, and you can draw upon their expertise for advice on precisely what finishing touches are needed. When it comes to staircases, for example, an experienced business will be able to advise on the number and type of required staircases, depending upon the access required, the number of people likely to be working in the space at completion and in the future, along with other activities likely to take place. The company will be able to work with you from an initial design brief, using their on the job experience and knowledge of regulations to advise, for example, on the design features needed to guarantee suitability for ambulant disabled users. For features such as handrails and balustrades, the environment will dictate the look and feel of the project. A warehouse, for example, would probably need only the most essential industrial style handrails, while the owners of a commercial building might opt for something more aesthetically suited to the broader branding of the company.

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Work Closely With a Single Contractor for a Successful Outcome

As with almost all aspects of a mezzanine floor installation, the ability to work closely with a single contractor from the very start of a project will significantly increase a successful outcome. The more aspects of a project your chosen contractor can provide as part of a single package – including features such as kick plates, pallets gates, conveyors and chutes, and lift shafts – the more significant this advantage will be.    

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Do They Handle Fire Protection? 

Whether fire protection is needed will depend upon details such as the size of the mezzanine floor and its proposed use. Although the presence of fire protection will ultimately be the responsibility of the building owners, it will be beneficial if the company can offer advice on statutory health and safety obligations and how they apply to the proposed mezzanine floor. In very general terms, any floor larger than 400 square metres to be used for purposes other than simply storage will need to be fire protected for up to 60 minutes. This protection could increase based on the size of the floor, its use, the number of people working on it, the height of the mezzanine and whether it will be single or multi-storey. It's essential to check any design and ensure the floor is legally compliant.

No Surprises!

Being able to liaise closely with a contractor who brings up to date knowledge of fire regulations to the table will increase the speed and efficiency of the design and stop any costly issues – such as the need for more staircases – coming as a surprise once the installation is underway. A contractor with a grasp of fire protection will help you ensure that the completed project is compliant with the relevant laws, delivered for the best possible price, and safeguard employees.    

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Do They Offer Customisation?

Although the function of a mezzanine floor is always of paramount importance, many clients require a customisable floor to ensure that the newly installed space complies with broader company branding. This function is much easier to achieve if the people in charge of overall installation can customise their solutions by applying personally tweaked options, such as flooring materials and powder coated handrails. Knowing about details of this kind from the earliest stages of a project will significantly reduce the time the project takes and help to ensure that installation runs smoothly. In contrast, the ability to customise without working with third-party suppliers will help keep costs down. From moisture-resistant flooring to the fitting of specially designed staircases, the success or failure of a mezzanine floor installation could often depend upon getting the details of any customisation agreed and signed off at the earliest possible stage.

How Much Experience do They Have? 

As we've learned at United Storage, no two mezzanine floor installations are exactly alike, and the problems thrown up and solutions achieved can be used as learning to help deliver the next job. The more – and more varied – experience your contractor can draw upon, the better the job they'll be able to deliver.

Ask for Examples of Completed Projects

On our part, for example, we can point to more than four decades' worth of experience delivering for clients. Even more importantly, we can showcase individual installations that highlight our skill-set, versatility, and ability to tailor the service we provide to each client's specific requirements.

In the Case Studies section of our website, you'll find details of numerous installations, with no two being exactly alike. From a mezzanine floor and staircase for a major retailer to a multi-tier, large scale mezzanine within a new-build logistics facility, or a bespoke feature staircase, the range of our experience means that there's no chance of a project throwing up a problem we haven't dealt with in the past. Asking a contractor to showcase their expertise to the proposed project is a kind of security. Not only can they point to a proven track record of delivering on expectations, but they'll also have the experience needed to handle any demands you might want to throw at them. In terms of delivery, a contractor's expertise could make all the difference between talking the talk of the design to walking the walk of a successful installation.            

This blog is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice and not intended to be substituted as legal or financial advice.

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