What Is A Mezzanine floor?

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The word Mezzanine comes from the Italian word Mezzano, meaning middle. A mezzanine or entresol is basically a raised platform that is independent from a buildings structure. It is made from steel and uses steel columns as supports. For more detailed mezzanine specifications, please view our Mezzanine Floor Brochure.

This intermediate floor within a building, is partly open to the double height ceilinged floor below it. Usually it does not extend over the whole floorspace of a building. It allows you to incorporate extra space and is an ideal expansion opportunity, especially where a very high original ground floor exists.

Mezzanines are very popular and have a very wide variety of uses. United Storage Systems design Commercial Mezzanines, Industrial MezzaninesRetail Mezzanines and Multi-Tier Mezzanine floors. These structures maybe temporary or semi-permanent and can save you thousands of pounds on relocation costs.

Most commercial mez floors are generally constructed of three main materials, steel, aluminium and fibreglass. The flooring or decking of a mezzanine, can vary due to the application needed. Generally though, it's composed of b-deck underlayment and has a wooden finish. For high loads, heavy duty steel is used. Depending on the size, a Fire Retardant Mezzanine Floor may be required.

Mezzanine Floor Solutions

United Storage Systems and our trade mezzanine division Mezzanine Manufacturing Ltd, build a lot of mezzanine floors, most of the time they are industrial mezzanines, used in warehouses for additional storage. The space created below or above often incorporates a combination of Longspan Racking or Warehouse Shelving. Many businesses use one level for storage and another for offices.

Our retail mez floors incorporate Staircases and panelling to create extra merchandising sales floors. Maximising the space for sales and storage to full effect.

When space is at a premium, a commercial mezzanine floor can include many features. Warehouse Racking, BalustradeMesh Wire and Shelving Solutions. They allow you to double or even triple your space, giving you specific areas that your business may need.

United Storage Systems can manage all your mezzanine flooring requirements. We have over 40 years experience and offer a one stop solution to mezzanine floor construction.

Additional Mezzanine Equipment

As we are mezzanine designers, mezzanine fabricators and mezzanine installers, we can also manufacture specialist fabrication. Be they for retail, industrial and commercial purposes. A small selection of our 3D CAD designs can be viewed below.

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Image of What Is A Mezzanine floor?
S & L United Storage Systems Ltd - What Is A Mezzanine floor?
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What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?
What Is A Mezzanine floor?

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