Fire Protection For Mezzanine Floors - Fire Retardant Storage

In conjunction with the Mezzanine Floors we supply and install, we are able to offer a range of Passive Fire Protection systems and products. Where applicable, we ensure that our installations meet the requirements of Approved Document B Regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In addition we can advise on matters relating to the Building Standards for Scotland.

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Typical Fire Protection for Mezzanine Floors will include:

  • Soffit lining (Board systems or Lay-in Grid Systems).
  • Columns protected by pre-formed fire resisting casings which may be functional and decorative as required.
  • Matching fascia systems, again using site constructed board systems or preformed components.

As an alternative we can apply thin film water based intumescent paint coatings where this is practicable.

Our specialists are available to provide solution-orientated advice for fire protection.

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