Make More Of Your Space With A Commercial Mezzanine Floor


It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a busy warehouse, bustling garage, productive workshop or thriving office block: usable floor space will always be one of your most valuable - and sought after - resources. 

Maybe you need more room for inventory or equipment to take on more challenging and valuable work. Perhaps you need desk space to bring on more staff or increase your monthly rental fees. Maybe you need to expand your showroom to display more product lines and appeal to a more diverse customer base. 

Whatever the case, there’s no getting around the fact that finding cost-effective ways to increase your available square meterage is often the key to growing your business and improving the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. 

Mezzanine floor in an office space

A Mezzanine Floor Creates Light and Space For People

Sometimes, growing businesses that are struggling for floor space will up sticks and move to new premises, but moving presents its own challenges. It’s prohibitively expensive and difficult to organise, it risks confusing your pre-existing customer base and it’s also tough on your team. 

Then there’s the downtime to consider. Moving to and setting up a new office, garage, workshop or warehouse can take months - which is a lot of lost productivity and stress.

Turn Unused Headroom into Valuable Real Estate

Luckily, there is a more reliable and cost-effective way to increase your floor space and grow your business: Simply commission us to build a best-in-class mezzanine floor that turns unused headroom into valuable real estate. 

An Efficient, Attractive And Affordable Way To Expand Your Premises 

Purpose-built for commercial spaces of any size, our bespoke mezzanine floors sit between the ground floor and ceiling of your building – providing an intermediate space that you can use to expand your operations and scale your business. 

Now, hearing the phrase ‘mezzanine floor’ may conjure images of bulky, cast-iron supports and chipboard floors, but rest assured that modern mezzanines can be built to match the pre-existing aesthetics of your space. 

Think about the mezzanine floors you see in high-street stores, or modern office blocks in the heart of London.

We can design and build mezzanines with attractive staircases and glass balustrades: Mezzanines painted to complement your interior colour palette or branded to feature walls in your office space. We’ve manufactured, designed and installed single, double and multi-tier mezzanine floors for household names across the UK in various styles. 

  • Homebase
  • Readie
  • SIG Insulation
  • JD
  • travis perkins

We can also design and build bespoke floors that are optimised to make the best use of your space, and this should always be the main focus of any commercial mezzanine floor project. 

Every space is unique, and every business follows its own set of individual processes that will dramatically impact the way you use your floor. 

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A Mezzanine Creates Utility and Beauty in an Office Space

Designing A Commercial Mezzanine That Considers Your Processes

Let’s say that you’re outfitting an office building in a converted mill. Your mezzanine floor will naturally need to bear less weight than the commercial mezzanine floors in a factory or warehouse. Generally, you won’t need goods lifts either, so designing your floor to fill a significant percentage of the available headroom is possible. But you’ll almost certainly need fireproofing to comply with building regulations.

Conversely, mezzanines designed for warehouses will be a much simpler affair. Still, extra attention will have to be paid to the layout of staircases, goods lifts, and other access points to ensure that inventory movement is streamlined and efficient. You may also need heavy-duty steel decking to handle heavier loads and purpose-built storage for your new floor. 

A Mezzanine Floor Nearing Completion

A Mezzanine Floor Nearing Completion

To ensure we’re designing for your needs, we start every commercial mezzanine project with an in-depth discovery session to deepen our understanding of your business. This discovery session helps us draw up a mezzanine design that accounts for the peculiarities of your space – and any specific processes that will impact the way you use your new floor. 

Once we’ve developed a robust and comprehensive specification document, our designers will use state-of-the-art CAD software to design a commercial mezzanine floor that makes the best possible use of all available space – and supports your everyday operations. 

At this stage, we’ll also consider any relevant building regulations and weigh up your needs regarding access, safety features, and design and the need for additional features like racking and shelving for the internal walls needed to create usable office space.

We Are Happy to Say

We really needed the extra space a new mezzanine would offer but were well aware of the challenges that access would present. Having worked with USS before however, we knew they'd come up with a viable solution. We were right!

Tayla Brooks

Project Manager, UK and Ireland

JD Group

And once you’ve had the opportunity to approve our designs, we’ll send them over to our manufacturing department, based in a bespoke 30,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in Haverhill.

Once the manufacture of your floor is complete, we’ll be able to commence the installation phase. This is a fairly rapid process; designed to minimise disruption and enable you to keep running your business as usual. We have a well-deserved reputation for problem-solving in this area – having fitted commercial mezzanine floors in bustling shopping centres with restricted access on more than one occasion. 

Is A Commercial Mezzanine Floor Always The Right Answer?

Not always, but we believe they’re generally the most cost-effective and efficient way of expanding commercial premises. Mezzanine floors are often free-standing steel structures that are fully demountable. 

This means that your material costs will be (relatively) low, and in most cases, you won’t need to apply for planning permission either. Better still, commercial mezzanines are fully-customisable and can be manufactured and installed to exact specifications. 

A Mezzanine Floor Drawing

A Successful Mezzanine Project Begins With A Good Design

Low ceiling designs are also possible, but this may not suit all spaces. If you’re not sure whether a commercial mezzanine floor is suitable for the space you have available, get in touch with a member of the USS team using the form below – we’ll be more than happy to help you work out the best way to expand your business. 

The UK’s Foremost Commercial Mezzanine Floor Supplier

We’re renowned for delivering on time and within budget, alongside our problem-solving abilities. We’ve built mezzanine floors for a range of leading UK brands and we’ve always delivered a best-in-class product that’s:

  • Designed to go the distance
  • Optimised to make the best use of your space
  • Rated for the correct maximum load weights
  • Engineered to match your requirements

We also design to suit the aesthetics of your space and take great care to ensure that we’re striking a good balance between performance and reliability – delivering sturdy and robust mezzanines at a reasonable price point. 

More importantly, we’re a partner you can trust with a well-deserved reputation for excellence. You can expect us to deliver on our promises in a timely fashion.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to your space problem and need a company that knows how to minimise disruption, we should be your first port of call.

Associations And Accreditations

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  • BSI and UKAS
  • Enviroment Agency
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  • UKCA member
  • CE Approved

If you’d like to talk about a mezzanine floor project or just chat to a member of the USS team about expanding your space, call us or get in touch using the contact form below. 

We design, supply and install mezzanine floors for some of the UK’s biggest brands. We'e a friendly team in a family business, with a very down-to-earth approach, and we’re always interested in hearing about new projects.

Ready To Talk About Your Commercial Mezzanine Floor Project?

Kicking off a new project is always daunting, particularly if you’ve never commissioned a mezzanine floor before. If you’re still in the early stages of the process and want someone to talk you through your options, get in touch today.

We’re more than happy to provide obligation-free consultation and advice, and we’ll never try to upsell or pressure you into making a decision. In fact, we’d prefer our customers to know what they want before buying a floor from us so that we can realise their vision. 

If you already know what you need, please feel free to submit a brief with any supporting documentation. Our engineering and design team are always happy to quote for floors or suggest revisions to existing plans based on our long-standing expertise. 

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