Mezzanine Staircases for Industrial, Retail and Commercial Spaces


A well-planned mezzanine will have multiple access points – positioned to minimise the risk of congestion and make it easy for people to access your new floor space. Goods lifts are popular in industrial settings, and we also fit our fair share of pallet gates.

But mezzanine stairs are the most common type of mezzanine floor access we’re asked to design, manufacture and install. And with good reason too. After all, mezzanine staircases are versatile, durable and easy to maintain.

ind stair 2

For the most part, they’re also space-efficient and easy to shape according to the space you’re working with, curving around cramped lobbies or running straight down the side of a long mezzanine to keep wasted floorspace to an absolute minimum.

Best of all, though, mezzanine staircases provide plenty of space for custom design work. If you’re building a mezzanine in a factory or distribution centre, you might choose to style your staircase in corporate colours – or opt for bright yellow railings to ensure that your new staircase is hard to miss.

staircase in a retail store

Suppose you’re adding a mezzanine floor to a commercial space like a retail store or office environment. In that case, you also have the opportunity to turn your staircase into a statement piece – adding drama to a large foyer or using striking design choices to create a stand-alone feature that elevates the aesthetic of your space.

A Turnkey Service You Can Rely On 

Equipped with years of hands-on experience, we design, manufacture and install fully-bespoke mezzanine staircases for any space.

Our staircases always comply with all relevant industry legislation – including the UK Building Regulations.

We also go to great lengths to ensure that our staircases are durable and long-lasting: Standing up to years of daily wear and tear. With the help of our sister company and working out of a production facility in Haverhill, we fabricate our mezzanine staircases using high-quality materials to ensure a consistent finish that’ll stand the test of time.  

Where we have to match a specific finish or style of decor, we have a proven ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver an excellent product consistently.

Stairs in distribution warehouse

For complex mezzanine installations, we have a field-proven ability to erect mezzanine staircases in challenging environments. In a recent project undertaken for JD Sports, we installed a mezzanine floor and three back-of-house staircases in a retail location on the second floor of a busy shopping centre.

Completing this project meant negotiating access restrictions and building without the aid of forklift trucks, but we completed the project in good time, and the client was thrilled with our work. Read more about the project below.

Staircases That Work With Your Space

In our opinion, a mezzanine staircase needs to do four things:


Provide the Best Access Possible

Firstly, it needs to do its job. Staircases are all about ease of access so it needs to provide ready access to your new floor, enabling your staff to move up and down efficiently. It should also encourage guests to browse freely and ensure that moving between different parts of your office, warehouse, store or distribution centre is pleasant, safe and time-efficient.


Maximise the Available Space

Secondly, it needs to maximise your available floor space. This requirement means designing a staircase with the smallest possible footprint and ensuring that wasted headroom is kept to an absolute minimum.


Look Good for Everyone

Thirdly, your mezzanine staircase should to match your location’s look and feel to maintain the atmosphere you’re trying to curate and keep your space open and airy.


Be Safe and Secure

Fourth, and finally, a good mezzanine staircase should be safe and easy to use. This means appropriately using handrails and grips, ensuring that treads are wide enough for your staff, and correctly positioning landings.

Red retail staircase with neon lighting

As you can probably tell, we spend a lot of time designing staircases and see them as an integral part of every mezzanine floor project. They’re often treated as an afterthought, but proper staircase design can be key to ensuring your space works for you – particularly if your floor will see a lot of traffic or prove pivotal to your day-to-day operations.

Get in touch today if you’re planning a mezzanine floor design to include a staircase, or need to upgrade a pre-existing staircase. A member of the USS team will happily talk through your project and work out how we can help.

Alternatively, if you’re still in the process of planning your mezzanine floor project and want to work out how many staircases you’ll need, why not use our mezzanine floor calculator? 

We review every request for quotation individually – and once we know more about your space, we’ll happily get back to you with a brief outline of your access requirements.

Staircases to Match any Design Brief

Most manufacturers focus on one type of mezzanine staircase, producing sturdy industrial staircases or attractive feature pieces – but it’s rare to find a supplier capable of straddling the line and delivering both types of staircases on demand.

Entertainment venue mezzanine staircase in pink with pink handrails

Thanks to our longstanding industry experience and state-of-the-art design capabilities, we’re uniquely positioned to supply industrial, commercial and retail staircases to match any brief. We’ll happily provide anything from statement mezzanine staircases, ambulant or disabled access staircases, fire escapes or multi-level staircases for four-storey mezzanine floors and beyond.

In a recent project, we designed, built and installed a 10m-high mezzanine floor for a John Lewis distribution centre. This project also involved manufacturing and installing three multi-level industrial staircases with mesh handrails - designed from scratch to meet the client’s brief. We’ve also designed and built feature staircases for locations like Sea Containers (London), and several high-street retail stores. You can read more about the distribution centre project in the case study below.

Ready to Design Your Mezzanine Staircase?

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