Maximise your lettable area with best-in-class external self-storage units


We design our external self-storage units to help you turn wasted space into a valuable asset and enable you to generate additional revenue at a fraction of the costs associated with extending your facility or purchasing a new site.

Quick to deploy and easy to relocate, they’re an ideal solution for business owners who need to scale quickly and have a large amount of unused land to leverage.

They’re also well-suited to supporting the rapid expansion of facilities already at capacity and/or allowing you to capitalise on a sudden surge in short-term demand.

Scalable By Design

In some instances, we’ve even seen external self storage units used to kickstart the launch of a brand-new venture, allowing landowners to test the waters and supply a rudimentary service while gathering the capital required to build a fully-fledged self storage facility.

Whatever the case, our external self storage units are solid and durable, offering security comparable to traditional indoor units at a price that makes sense for large and small operations focused on delivering a good ROI.

A Responsive Solution

Managing demand is a perennial issue. Some operators will achieve occupancy at or around 85% for most of the year, but the majority of owners will find that a certain amount of variability is inevitable.

Problems arise when you start to trend above 85% occupancy for an extended period and know that demand for your units is beginning to outstrip availability.

In most cases, this demand still needs to be more transient and temporary to justify expansion costs; self-storage unit construction can be prohibitively expensive, and even installing a new mezzanine floor or a self-storage unit remix may not be suitable.

External mobile self storage units

That’s generally where external self storage units come into their own. While these units aren’t quite as desirable as a well-built extension to your pre-existing facility (or a more space-efficient unit mix), they are relatively cheap to deploy.

For a relatively small outlay, you can transform a portion of your car park or the scrubland surrounding your facility into a profitable part of your business, temporarily accommodating surging demand for self storage units and ensuring that this demand isn’t linked to a short-term driver.

Better still, your new external self storage units will require very little maintenance and remain relatively easy to relocate, so it won’t be hugely detrimental to your business if they sit empty for a few months following a dip in demand.

Portable And Fixed Options Available

We provide two highly-scalable solutions for businesses that want to leverage unused exterior space.

Firstly, our portable self-storage units are purpose-built for easy deployment and relocation.

They are manufactured using plastisol-coated galvanised steel sheeting, with a roller door and a feature canopy/column and header that we can customise to fit your branding. These units are available in standard sizes (3m wide x 6m long x 2.7m high), but we can customise units to suit your needs and produce bespoke sizes on demand.

Portable external self storage units drawing and specifications

For owners or operators looking for a slightly more permanent solution, we also offer fixed external self-storage units – installed on-site using our Uniscreen2000 self-storage partition system. Aside from its inherent good looks and fantastic finish, this product is also notable because it’s highly customisable.

We can modify units to suit exacting requirements, from the colour of the roller or swing doors to the dimensions of a given unit, to help you provide customers with the right mix of different unit sizes and install security features.

Placed under a single roof span, they’re also weather-proof and long-lasting enough and may provide a permanent solution to land you typically would not build on.

External Portable Self Storage

The Smart Way To Launch A New Venture

Fully-fledged interior units can be more attractive to specific customer demographics. On the other hand, external self-storage units may be more attractive to customers who wish to drive up to and unload close to their units. They also offer a fast and affordable way to set up storage without high start-up costs.

By using external self-storage units, you can create a source of income in the field and build a good reputation immediately to attract more customers while working towards constructing your full-fledged storage units.

external portable self storage transporter

Alternatively, you can use highly-portable external units to test demand before committing to the expense of building a bespoke self-storage facility in a specific location.


An Impeccable Standard Of Work

Industry specialists with 45+ years of experience, you can expect everything we do to adhere to the highest work standards. We’re SEMA and SafeContractor-approved, SMAS accredited and fully-fledged members of the UK Self Storage Association (SSA).

As you’ll already know, the specific characteristics of a given local market always dictate the return a new facility can generate, and it often makes sense to test the water before the costly and exhaustive process of applying for planning permission, commissioning architect’s drawings and so on.

Suppose you are new to the industry and need some guidance. In that case, you’ll be pleased to learn that we have traded for over 45 years and provide dedicated self storage service to anyone interested in breaking into the market.

As well as the design and installation of external self storage units, we can advise on the right mix of unit sizes for your location and additional extras you’ll need to consider – like site security and amenities.  

  • Self-Storage Association Members
  • SEMA
  • SMAS
  • Safe-Contractor Approved
  • Environment Agency
  • BSI and UKAS

A Turnkey Solution From a Trusted Supplier

External self-storage units can vary in specification and quality, so ensuring you choose the correct ones from the right supplier is essential to your profitability and success.

At United Storage Systems, we have over 45 years of experience and have completed projects for some of the UK’s biggest brands. In the self-storage vertical, we’ve supplied units to Big Yellow and Shurgard and a host of smaller national chains.

This extensive background in the industry has given us the know-how to create profitable storage solutions for customers with a wide range of requirements.

We have a peerless understanding of what consumers look for when choosing a storage unit and apply this to all projects we work on to ensure you get the best value for money and opportunity for success. 

We also have the experience and capacity to offer a fully turnkey self-storage unit construction solution, from design to manufacturing and installing external self-storage units. We also provide aftermarket care and support to all our clients, so you’ll always be able to reach us with pertinent questions or troubleshooting requests.

A Safe Pair Of Hands

Our knowledgeable team of in-house designers will work with you on your specific project to meet your unique demands whilst offering expert advice – designed to ensure that you can maximise your space and increase revenue potential.

Ready To Discuss Your Project?

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