Cantilever Racking Systems For Non-Standard Long, Heavy Or Bulky Goods


The design of most racking systems is for standardised loads. They make it easy to receive, stow and pick pallets or cartons, but they don’t help you store irregular or unwieldy items like lengths of steel pipe or timber.

Flexible Storage That Makes The Most Of Your Space

Cantilever racking is a little different. Composed of vertical columns, horizontal braces and long arms that are designed to hold long or bulky loads, it’s ideally suited to storing inventory that won’t fit on a standard racking system.

Easily Holds Items That Extend Beyond the Rack Span

The lack of vertical or oblique braces means that a cantilever racking system can easily hold items extending beyond the rack span. The open front design makes it easy to pick large or heavy goods straight off the shelf, simplifying your storage and retrieval processes.

Cantilever racking systems are also modular and highly configurable. Single racks can be arranged to form aisles or bays that support your workflows and work processes. Most cantilever racking systems can be installed in single or double-sided configurations, allowing you to make the most of all available space.

Decking Options for Inventory Requiring Extra Support

There's also the option to add decking to your cantilever racking – allowing you to store other types of inventory that requires extra support than a pallet or coil racking system will give. Some of our clients use cantilever racking systems with additional decking to store sofas and other types of furniture that are unsuitable for traditional pallet racking systems.

A Good Design Will Enhance Operational Efficiency

A well-designed cantilever racking system will make good use of available warehouse space and make it easy for your workforce to access inventory.  By using any combination of forklifts, pallet jacks or hoists will help maximise available storage space and improve the overall efficiency of your warehouse management process.

Furthermore, a well-designed system will also support automation and facilitate the use of cutting-edge logistics software to help you track inventory as it moves through your warehouse.

Here at United Storage Systems, we specialise in delivering best-in-class racking that removes roadblocks and boosts productivity.

Over the past 40 plus years, we've built, designed and installed custom cantilever racking systems for household names up and down the country, providing best-in-class systems engineered to suit the individual requirements of major DIY chains, builders merchants and furniture manufacturers.  

Designed and Manufactured for Durability

We manufacture cantilever racking systems in a bespoke facility in Haverhill, Suffolk. Opened in 2006, this specialised production plant allows us to produce cantilever racking that meets some of the industry’s most stringent standards.

Modular Build for Maximum Flexibility

Our cantilever racking is modular in design. The cantilever arms are easily adjustable to suit your storage requirements, but its straightforward application belies its incredible strength and durability.

Cantilever racking in a warehouse

Cantilever racking in a warehouse

A properly configured and well-maintained cantilever racking system can hold anywhere from 200 to 30,000 kilograms of inventory per column (or upright) and, in some instances, more dependent on design. There aren't many alternatives that can boast the same!

Strong and Durable, including Weather-Resistant Finishes for External Storage

We also have the capability to hot-dip our cantilever racking to provide a galvanised finish that’s entirely weather-resistant – enabling you to use your racking to store inventory in yards and other external spaces.

If well maintained, our cantilever racking systems will endure many years of heavy use. They’re durable enough to withstand the rigours of a busy warehouse environment, and their field-proven strength and durability make them ideal for storing hefty loads.

  • SMAS Worksafe
  • SSA - Self Storage Association United Kingdom
  • BSI and UKAS
  • Enviroment Agency
  • SEMA
  • Alcumus SafeContractor

A Simple Process to Customise Your Cantilever Racking System

We rarely offer off-the-shelf design because we want to ensure that your warehouse racking system helps to:

  • Maximise your available storage space
  • Support your current warehouse management processes
  • Improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations

Instead, we follow a tried and tested process that enables us to deliver a cantilever racking system that’s properly optimised for your facility and stock management systems.

This process starts with an in-depth discovery session, and doesn’t end until you’re 100% satisfied with your new racking system.


Discovery - What Do You Need From Your New Racking System?

Our racking specialists will sit down with your team and work out precisely what you need to kick things off. They’ll go over your plans, look at any existing racking systems, analyse your blueprints and review your stock management processes to work out how to design, manufacture and install a cantilever racking system that makes the most sense for your business.


Racking Selection and Design

Once we have established what you need, our racking specialists will hand it over to our technical department. Here a host of qualified designers, structural engineers and contract managers will work to establish the exact specifications of your racking systems. They will note the required dimensions, weight loading capacities, arm lengths, and finishes needed to deliver a truly best-in-class system that meets your needs.


Commercial Sign-Off

Plans in hand, we’ll work with you to navigate the sign off process, ensuring that all your requirements are met and establishing a timeline for the delivery and installation of your racking system.


Manufacture, Delivery and Installation

Once you’ve signed off on our plan, we’ll deliver and install your cantilever racking system, sending an experienced team that’ll ensure your racking is correctly and safely installed while working hard to minimise downtime or disruption in your warehouse. Our racking specialists will also install any safety equipment or racking accessories noted in the original plan.

Post-Installation Care and Maintenance Service

Once your cantilever racking is installed, and your warehouse is fully operational, our staff will also be on hand to answer any questions about your new racking system. We'll also support you by providing ongoing care and maintenance options to ensure the investment continues to deliver value to your business.

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