Bespoke Coil and Cable Racking Systems


Storing rolled or coiled inventory presents its own challenges. Large amounts of electrical cable or wire can be stowed on conventional racking systems like longspan shelving, but it’ll be hard to access and staff will struggle to pick and pack stock in a timely manner.

Warehouse or shop staff will also struggle to cut lengths of inventory without removing an entire roll or coil from your chosen storage solution; introducing an unnecessary bottleneck and slowing day-to-day operations.

Designed to Ensure Maximum Return on Your Investment

That’s why we supply specialised coil racking systems that are designed to provide quick and easy access to rolled inventory. Simple, robust and hardwearing, these systems allow you to stow drums of cable; rolls of carpet or coils of wire on adjustable horizontal bars that simplify putaway and retrieval operations.

They’re not quite as space-efficient as pallet or shelf-based storage systems, but they do allow you to make good use of all available vertical storage space and they’re one of the only storage solutions that enable you to neatly organise large drums, rolls or spools of coiled stock – ideal for situations where you need to store inventory in plain view of visiting customers or arrange products in size order for easy picking.

Coil racking in a warehouse

Coil racking in a warehouse

Minimise Risk to People and Damage to Products

Coil racking systems also have the added advantage of mitigating a lot of the health and safety issues linked to stowing or picking heavy coils of inventory from normal shelving solutions – enabling you to minimise workplace accidents and ensuring that stock keeps moving through your warehouse, factory or store.

We’ve been designing, supplying and installing coil storage systems for over ; creating efficient, reliable and cost-effective  for a range of clients up and down the UK. Some of the companies we’ve worked with include:

  • Argos
  • Homebase
  • SIG Insulation
  • Stapletons Tyre Services
  • Wolseley

Highly Customisable Coil Racking To Suit Every Space

Coil racking systems don’t have a large footprint. They’re also lightweight and highly customisable, with uprights that can be fixed together to form one or several bays of sturdy racking that’s capable of holding high volumes of rolled or coiled inventory.

Our coil racking systems are also supplied pre-drilled so that vertical beams can be repositioned according to your needs, and most systems also allow you to store inventory on one or both sides, ensuring that your system is flexible enough to support pre-existing processes.

But you want a coil racking system that does more than simply meet your expectations for efficient storage. 

A Coil Racking Solution for Your Business

In an ideal world, your coil racking will actively improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations; making it quicker for staff to store and retrieve inventory, simplifying complex picks and empowering warehouse (or factory) teams to remove lengths of coiled wire, carpet, fabric or cable without spending a lot of time hunting for the right items.

This is the bar we try to clear every time we sit down to plan a bespoke coil racking system. Equipped with decades of industry experience, our engineers, planners and designers are always focused on making sure that your racking system makes the best possible use of all available space – and puts important inventory in easy reach of your staff.

They also design for durability; specifying parts and systems that are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear typical of your operating environment.

Coil racking diagram

Coil racking diagram

Ensuring the Integrity of Every Coil Racking System We Design

Bolts, shim, uprights, horizontal beams and locking pins are all chosen according to their ability to resist the corrosion, knocks, bumps and scrapes that erode the integrity of generic racking systems and we make every effort to ensure that the systems we build can stand the test of time.

And if that wasn’t enough, all of our coil racking systems are designed and built in compliance with some of the industry’s most stringent legislation to ensure that your staff are operating in a safe and regulation-friendly environment.

Specifying Your Coil Racking System

If you’re in the market for a bespoke coil racking system, get in touch with our technical department today. We’re always more than happy to chat through your requirements and we follow a field-proven process that’s designed to help us ensure you get a coil racking system that’s cost-efficient, boosts productivity and removes hurdles.

Coil racking project

Coil racking project

In most cases, this process follows five distinct stages:



Our racking specialists will visit your site, and work with your team to start developing a specification. They’ll talk through your processes; analyse the space available for your new racking system and gather a list of requirements that will enable us to design a bespoke system that’s fit for purpose, and well-optimised for your space.


Racking Design

Once our racking specialists have built out a rough spec, they’ll head back to our offices and sit down with the wider design team; combing through parts lists and using dedicated CAD software to design the perfect system.

We’ll consider the requirements of your space and your processes; the materials that you’re storing and the way your staff will need to access high-volume inventory to ensure that bottlenecks are eliminated, and your space operates smoothly.


Commercial Sign Off

Once you’ve had time to digest our plans, we’ll help you navigate the sign off process; making sure that all your requirements are met and establishing a timeline for the delivery and installation of your racking system.


Installing Your Warehouse Racking

With your approval in hand, we’ll start shipping parts to your warehouse – and installing them in situ. Our racking specialists will also install any relevant safety equipment and test your system to make sure it’s up to code and working properly.


Post-Install Service

Once your coil racking is in place and your warehouse is fully operational, we’ll support you by providing ongoing care, maintenance and racking inspection services as required. Our staff will also be on hand to answer any questions about your new racking system.

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