Drive-In And Drive-Through Racking Systems


A good fit for large warehouses operating on FILO or first in, last out principles, drive-in racking allows you to store large quantities of homogenous inventory in a space-efficient storage system that maximises available space.

Access to individual pallets one by one from the front of a rack is possible. Smooth roller decks allow new inventory to move down into the picking area every time stock is removed from the system, minimising stock-handling requirements outside of the standard putaway and picking processes.

Drive-In Warehouse

Drive-In Racking Systems

Space-Efficient Storage For Non-Perishable Stock

Drive-in racking is efficient, compact and cost-effective. It also provides more storage per sq. metre than any other racking system.

It's possible to choose beam lengths and deck heights to suit your requirements. The system eliminates operating aisles found in conventional pallet racking systems. It also keeps stock rotation to an absolute minimum, which is ideal if you're storing large amounts of non-perishable inventory and want to simplify your warehouse management processes.

Drive-through racking systems are very similar, allowing you to store large amounts of similar or identical inventory in a compact system designed to make good use of all available horizontal and vertical space.

drive in warehouse

Drive-In Warehouse

The key difference is that drive-through racking systems allow you to access pallets from the back and front of your racking, using FIFO or first-in, first-out stock management methods.

Both systems are popular in large and busy warehouses, cold storage systems and other applications where timely stock rotation is not essential, and there's a need to store high volumes of palletised stock.

We Design, Manufacture And Install Drive-In And Drive-Through Racking

drive in racking detailRacking experts with over 45 years of hands-on experience, we specialise in designing bespoke systems for clients that want to maximise their available storage space – and increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

In many cases, this means designing drive-in or drive-through racking systems tailored to the specific needs of a given warehouse, retail store or distribution centre.

Get in touch today if you think your space would benefit from adding one of these bespoke racking systems. Our experts are on-hand to help you design a system that's tailor-made to meet your needs.

We have a field-proven, five-step process that we use to spec out, design and install bespoke systems. For drive-in and drive-through racking, this process is as follows:



We begin every drive-in and drive-through racking design project with an in-depth discovery session. This session gives us the information to map out your processes and warehouse space, interrogate your workflows and design a system that reduces friction across the entire putaway, storage, picking, packaging and shipping journey.



Once we fully understand your processes and requirements, our design team will draw up blueprints for your storage system.

We are racking specialists with the in-house knowledge, experience, and tools to design truly bespoke racking systems. The system is customised to suit your needs, and we're well-placed to deliver cost-effective solutions that are optimised to improve your day-to-day operations.



Before we set to work building your drive-in or drive-through racking system, you'll get an opportunity to interrogate our plans.

You will have ample opportunity to ask us questions about our proposed solution and make any desired amendments to our design.



Once you've approved our designs, we'll begin shipping parts to your warehouse. We'll also send a team of racking specialists to assemble your new system in line with SEMA guidelines.

We supply all the necessary fittings and components, as well as the safety accessories like column and corner guards, end barriers and anti-collapse mesh needed to protect your racking system and reduce incident rates in your warehouse.


Post-Installation Support

We maintain long-term relationships with all our racking clients – offering post-installation support, answering any questions about your new system, and supplying replacement parts when necessary.

We also offer SEMA racking inspection services to help you keep tabs on wear-related damage and maximise the lifespan of your new system.

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