Kimer Racking

We are the main UK distributor for the successful Spanish racking company, Kimer Europe, who have over 50 years’ experience in the production of warehouse racking and longspan racking storage solutions.

Kimer Longspan Racking

Kimer are the experts in longspan warehouse shelving designed for a variety of uses. This multipurpose solution has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. All our Kimer longspan racking is available from stock and is very strong and easily repaired in the event of damage. The simple design of longspan racking allows for easy installation and alteration.

Longspan Shelving Starter Bays. These come complete with everything you need to get set up. They are available in heights of 2M or 2.5M, with 2 depth options of 600mm or 900mm and 3 beam widths of 1500mm, 1850mm and 2250mm with varying weight loads. Speak to us if you want advice on the right one for you.

Longspan Racking Additional Bays and Shelves. For easy connection to existing Starter Bays. These additional longspan bays consist of only one frame, as they will be connected to a starter bay you already have.

Longspan Racking Accessories. Perfect for adding additional shelving or replacing damaged parts. We hold large stocks of longspan racking spares and accessories, so you never have to worry about replacements.

You can order spare longspan racking beams, longspan racking frames, longspan racking shelving and longspan racking floor fixings.

Kimer Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a strong and flexible option way of storing palletised goods, ideal for warehouses and distribution centres. Our Kimer range covers everything from standard pallet racking to a bespoke storage system.

Kimer Cantilever Racking

We stock Kimer cantilever racking, a strong and secure way to store bulky items such as long steel beams, pipes or timber. Single and double cantilever warehouse racking is available to suit the height, arm length and weight loading capacities required.

Kimer Coil Racking

Kimer coil storage racks are bespoke solutions for efficiently storing reels of cable or materials. Coil storage racks are designed and manufactured to suit your space and storage needs.

Kimer Pallet Safety Gates

Pallet safety gates are an essential part of any warehouse, as they keep your employees safe and reduce accidents in the loading area and at exposed openings of a mezzanine floor.

All Kimer pallet safety gates and high pallet safety gates are manufactured to the highest standards and they are all maintenance-free. We can produce pallet safety gates and to your own specifications, with the option of powder coating to aid visibility. Options available are:

  • Lightweight Up and Over Standard Pallet Safety Gates,
  • Counter Balance Pallet Safety Gates
  • Articulated Pallet Safety Gates

Warehouse Mesh Wire

Mesh wire is another important safety feature in the warehousing industry. We supply to both the commercial and industrial sectors.

Anti-Collapse Metal Mesh. Anti collapse metal mesh is a cost-effective way of protecting employees and reducing accidents.

Secure Metal Mesh Cages. Metal mesh cages are ideal for storing valuable items and are well suited for providing external storage.

Metal Mesh Partitions. Metal mesh partitions protect colleagues working in warehouses and production areas, creating a safe and secure working environment.

Heavy Duty Mesh Security Grills. Made to measure security grills which provide a secure vandalism proof solution for securing doors and windows.

Kimer Clip Storage Shelving

Kimer Clip Storage Shelving is a very popular adjustable storage shelving system, perfect for industrial, commercial, retail or back-office environments.

Strong and easy to adjust shelving offers an attractive storage solution. Clip shelving is quick and simple to install and comes powder coated which helps to retain its clean appearance. This state-of-the-art shelving system is space-saving and completely protected. It includes quality steering wheels plus safety closing, antibacterial painting and fireproofing.

Kimer Mobile Shelving

Kimer’s renowned mobile shelving is used by many businesses to securely store everything from documents to computer parts.

Designed to optimise your existing storage area, this attractive document and small product shelving will keep everything safe and secure. Kimer mobile shelving uses a low, floor-mounted profile, which allows for quick and easy installation. Featuring quality steering wheels, safety closing, antibacterial painting and fireproofing it is easy to use and extremely safe.

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