Live Storage Racking Systems


Sometimes called gravity flow or pallet flow racking, live storage racking is ideal for fast-paced warehouses that use FIFO (first-in-first out) stock control methods.

Normally built to accommodate palletised goods, live storage systems use a series of inclined roller beds to move inventory from the loading area at the rear of your storage unit to a dedicated pickup or retrieval area at the front. Staff can then easily pick (or retrieve) items using a forklift or pallet truck.

We also design and supply pushback racking for warehouses using LIFO or last in first out stock control. These storage systems operate on similar principles; employing roller beds or shuttles to move stock as it's loaded. The key difference here is that pushback racking is loaded and unloaded from the same side, with operators pushing old stock back as they stow their pallets, and the racking bringing stock forward as it's unloaded. 

We also supply live storage solutions for longspan racking; these systems use roller beds or shuttles that are designed to carry cartons or bins instead of a standard pallet.

Ideal For Fast-Moving Stock Or Small Warehouses

When appropriately designed, live storage systems enable the rapid turnaround of fast-moving stock, and take some of the work out of the stowing process. They’re compact, which is ideal for warehouses with tight space constraints, and they’re also very durable. 

More to the point, both types of live storage system reduce the amount of time spent handling palletised goods and maximises the warehouse’s storage capacity. There’s no need to access individual runs or bays of shelving so units can be arranged in a compact block that allows you to store large amounts of palletised goods.

Equipped with over 45 years of experience, we have the expertise to design, manufacture and install a live storage system that will streamline your processes and make the most of all available space.

Compact, Durable And Efficient Storage For Palletised Goods

We supply high-quality live storage racking designed to withstand the wear and tear typical of everyday use in a busy warehouse environment. 

Every upright, support, deck and roller bed is designed to be as robust as possible. We also supply a full range of end barriers, corner guards, and other accessories designed to protect your racking system from knocks, bumps, and scrapes.

Kimer Live Storage Racking Systems

Kimer Live Storage Racking Systems

We also have an in-house design team equipped with the knowledge, experience and 3D modelling tools needed to design bespoke systems customised to meet your requirements.

We can design live storage racking systems that are optimised to make use of every available sq. metre of free space in your warehouse. We can also design systems that take your current warehouse management practices into account.

Layouts can be tweaked to suit your current putaway and picking processes, frame heights can be modified to accommodate unusually tall, or oversized pallets and components can be galvanised to provide extra protection against corrosion. Whatever it takes to meet your needs and ensure that your live storage racking system improves the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Live Storage Designed To Meet Your Needs

Whenever we take on a live storage project, we start by exploring your needs and prototyping a custom system modelled to support your ideal workflows. We’ll then supply the parts you need to build your system, ship them to your space and send a team of qualified engineers to install them according to SEMA and HSE guidelines.

The complete process generally looks like this:



Our racking specialists will work with your team to develop specifications. We can also make arrangements to travel to the site to complete this task if required. They’ll talk through your processes, analyse the space available for your new racking system and gather a list of requirements that will enable us to design a bespoke system that’s fit for purpose and well-optimised for your space.


Racking Design

Once our racking specialists have established what you need, they’ll head back to our offices to sit down with the in-house design team to discuss your requirements. The design team will use dedicated CAD software to design a live storage racking system that’s well-suited to your warehouse or distribution centre.

We’ll consider your processes and the available space, the inventory you’ll be storing, and the way your staff will need to access stock during the picking process to ensure that your system works efficiently. Once completed, we’ll assemble a detailed plan and send it to you for approval.


Commercial Sign Off

Once you’ve had time to look at our plans, we’ll help you hash out any missing details and provide the in-depth consultation needed to facilitate a timely sign off – safe in the knowledge that your new racking system will streamline your processes and increase efficiency.


Installing Your Warehouse Racking

We’ll start shipping parts to your warehouse and installing them in situ with your approval in hand. Our engineers will also install any appropriate safety equipment and test your system to ensure it’s up to code and working properly.


Post-Install Service

Once your live storage system is in place and your warehouse is fully operational, we’ll continue to support you by offering ongoing maintenance, repair and inspection services for as long as you’d like.

Our expert staff will also be on hand to answer any questions about your new racking system so you’ll never be left in the dark, or stranded without the support you need to run your warehouse efficiently.

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