Tyre Racking Systems

Tyre racking systems comprise long span racking manufactured in steel with a powder-coat finish and we can customise the racking for different tyre dimensions and widths.

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From Warehouses to Garages to Passenger and Commerical Tyre Suppliers

Racking provides a high-density, organised approach to tyre storage for simple stocking, easy access and picking. It can also effectively ensure an expandable solution to accommodate business growth and the capability to store and sell a more diverse range of products. A well-designed tyre racking solution offers the flexibility required for fluctuations in seasonal tyre storage requirements. 

A well-controlled environment is also key to the safety of people while keeping storage areas clean and tidy, stock in good condition and avoiding unnecessary wear and tear whilst off a vehicle.

Tyre Racking Beam Sizes and Colour-Customisation

The standard beam size is 2250mm and we can supply in sizes up to 2.4 metres. The tyre racking we supply can be completely customised for different tyre dimensions and can be custom-coloured to suit your company brand.