Tyre Racking Systems


Tyre racking systems comprise long span racking manufactured in steel with a powder-coat finish and we can customise the racking for different tyre dimensions and widths.

From Warehouses to Garages to Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Tyre Suppliers

Racking provides a high-density, organised approach to tyre storage for simple stocking, easy access and picking. It can also effectively ensure an expandable solution to accommodate business growth and the capability to store and sell a more diverse range of products. A well-designed tyre racking solution offers the flexibility required for fluctuations in seasonal tyre storage requirements. 

Tyre racking protect investment

Tyre Racking to Protect Your Investment

A well-controlled environment is also key to the safety of people while keeping storage areas clean and tidy, stock in good condition and avoiding unnecessary wear and tear whilst off a vehicle.

Tyre Racking to Protect Your Investment

Even if you have the perfect space for storing tyres, racking provides the physical support required to preserve the integrity of the tyres. Tyre racking should lift the tyres off the ground and store them vertically - it must also ensure each tyre has minimum contact with the rack itself and other tyres. The racking should also be strong enough to support tyres of varying weights - and have adjustable beams to accommodate varying sizes. 

Modular Tyre Racking Ensures Safe, Adaptable Storage

USS design and install their tyre racking as modules. This versatile approach ensures clients can quickly adapt their racking to accommodate shifts in the stock being stored.  Our tyre rack comes with adjustable beams, allowing for different types and sizes of tyres; helpful when more storage levels are needed. 

USS tyre racking

USS Tyre Racking

The open design and modular nature of our tyre racking also make it easy to access and remove or replace tyres as and when they are needed, ensuring optimum storage capacity while creating a safe environment for both products and people.

Tyre Racking Customisation - Beam Sizes and Colours

The standard beam size is 2250mm. The tyre racking we supply can be completely customised for different tyre dimensions and can be custom-coloured to suit your company brand.

Which Tyre Racking Solution is Right for Your Business?

Our racking experts can advise based on your requirements. They'll help configure the design and installation, so your business gains the maximum benefit from your investment. 

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