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Most warehouse racking is designed to withstand minor knocks, scrapes and bumps. Lightweight materials are still the norm, but manufacturers understand that warehouses are busy places, and the majority of modern beams, uprights, braces, floor fixings and locking clips are built to be as robust and hard-wearing as possible.

But even the most durable racking systems are still susceptible to damage from machinery like forklift trucks or robotic pickers. Everyday wear and tear will also take a toll on nuts, bolts, clips, pins, support braces, and other integral components to the stability of a racking system.

Unfortunately, some or all of this damage may be invisible to the untrained eye, which is why the Health and Safety Executive’s HSG76 and SEMAs own guidelines set out the need for regular external inspections.

Warehouse Racking Inspection

Warehouse Racking Inspection

Inspection Frequency

According to HSG76 para 646, all warehouse racking and storage systems must be inspected at least once a year – and the inspection must be carried out by an Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) or other technically competent person. Although this is derived from a European Directive, post-Brexit, the passing of the The Great Repeal Act incorporating EU law into British law means the one-year inspection requirement is unlikely to change.

Failure to abide by these rules could jeopardise your business and often invalidate your insurance policies.

Impartial Inspections - Carried Out By Racking Specialists

With over 45 years of hands-on experience, United Storage is well-placed to ensure that your racking is safe and legally compliant.

We offer in-depth racking inspections carried out by racking inspectors who are either SEMA-approved Racking Inspectors (SARI) or recognised by HSE as technically competent.

Inspections are scheduled at a convenient time for you, and we follow a simple process designed to provide actionable advice and ensure that you’ve discharged your legal obligations.

Our inspectors will visit your premises annually (or more frequently if required), thoroughly examining all racking and storage equipment with SEMA recommendations about tolerances and acceptable limits in mind. They will then compile a written report that contains a complete summary of their findings – and any actions required to maintain the safety of your warehouse racking.

Our inspectors are experienced and helpful. They also use a simple ‘traffic light’ system to record the levels of risk present during our inspection – providing you with clear information about the condition of your racking and allowing you to prioritise any remedial work.

The inspections we offer currently include:

Pallet Racking Inspections

Because pallet racking is designed for larger, bulkier items, it is loaded and unloaded with forklift trucks; a regular operational activity that inevitably results in occasional collisions. These collisions can damage your racking systems, causing anything from severe bends in the metal frames to bangs, dents and chipped paint.  

Whatever the damage, these collisions can also reduce the strength of the racking system, so regular checks are essential to ensure continued safety. When we inspect a pallet racking system, we pay particular attention to the integrity and load-bearing capabilities of the system, noting any damage to structural supports and taking care to ensure that you’re aware of all possible risks.

Longspan Racking Inspections

Longspan racking is robust and not loaded by forklift trucks; for this reason, it’s damaged less frequently than other types of racking systems and is easier to repair. However, it stores heavy and bulky goods, so it is still vital to inspect it regularly to check for any issues.

When we inspect longspan racking, we look for the telltale signs of damage and note down any marks indicative of sustained wear and tear. You’ll get an itemised list of possible problems and actionable advice on how to prevent any further damage.

Mezzanine Floor Inspections

As experienced mezzanine floor suppliers, we’re also well-placed to help you inspect structural elements designed to increase the capacity or capabilities of your warehouse space.

We'll inspect the mezzanine floor structure and check that the weight loadings are still compliant. We can also inspect any racking during our visit.

Sourcing Repairs And Replacements

If your racking shows signs of significant structural damage, we can help you repair or replace damaged parts. We’re ideally placed to help you source new beams, uprights, braces, floor fixings, nuts, bolts or locking pins and our 40-plus years of experience means you'll get the best advice possible.

We can also help you design and install accessories capable of mitigating further damage, including barriers and corner guards, load signage and anti-collapse mesh.

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