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Don’t compromise the integrity of your brand-new racking by opting for a sub-optimal installation service.

You will want every bay and level of your racking system installed correctly using the base plates, floor fixings, anchors, and safety locks to meet FEM/SEMA design codes and guidelines. 

Modern Warehouse Racking Installation Project

Modern Warehouse Installation Project

Attention to detail is paramount. Even something as simple as applying too much torque to a rack anchor or altering the pitch of a support beam could threaten the strength and stability of your racking system, reducing its working lifespan and increasing the likelihood of a severe workplace accident.

Armed with over 45 years of racking experience and a dedicated installation team used to working on complex projects for some of the UK’s biggest brands, our expertise will ensure correctly installed racking systems.

A Field Proven Process

We can’t count the number of racking installation projects we’ve worked on. Truth be told, the number is high, and that’s not an idle boast – we point it out because our decades of hands-on experience have allowed us to perfect a thorough and exacting process capable of delivering consistent results for every client.

As meticulous as it is, this process covers everything from pre-installation risk assessments to fitting regularly spaced loading notices that ensure compliance with safety guidelines.

It covers reading and re-reading all plans and drawings, carefully assembling all uprights, bracing, beams, and frames, fitting back connectors where relevant, and adding column protectors, guide rails, and anti-collapse meshing where needed.

shelving installation project and plan

Warehouse Racking Project Planning

It covers every base, and when our team finishes their final safety checks, you’ll be left with a robust and secure system that you can rely on to perform day in and day out—despite the bumps and knocks that characterise daily use in a busy warehouse environment. 

After installation, we can also provide regular racking inspections to ensure you meet your health and safety requirements.  We also offer a replacement service in the event of knocks that cause more severe damage to your system.

Part Of A Broader Service Offering

While we are happy to undertake one-off installation projects for the right customer, most of our racking fit-outs are part of a wider body of work.

In fact, most of our installation projects include racking design and supply because we think turnkey solutions deliver more value for money than piecemeal or siloed services that reduce our ability to apply the institutional expertise we’ve worked so hard to build.

uss welding 4

When our installers work in tandem with our designers and project managers, we know that we’ll deliver a racking system optimised for the space we fit in, capable of improving efficiency and providing good value for money.

We know that our installers won’t be forced to make last-minute adjustments to accommodate peculiarities that third-party designers didn’t account for, and we know that we’ll be asking you to sign off on a well-built and properly fitted system that will perform for years to come.

A Reputation You Can Rely On

As a trusted partner to some of the UK’s biggest brands, we have the knowledge and experience required to deliver a first-class service every time. While everybody boasts about their track record, we’re pleased to say that we’re the go-to supply and installation specialists for a major chain of DIY retailers, independent warehouses, and national distribution centres.

Longspan racking installation

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on racking installation jobs in brand-new and converted buildings, retail stores and busy shopping centres. We’ve worked with independent companies and chains with particular requirements and are used to modifying our process according to your needs.

You can expect us to be professional, clean, and quick. We will coordinate your project efficiently, work hard to get your racking installed in good time, and carry out all necessary safety checks before handover and signoff.

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Get in touch, and a member of our team will talk through your project, gather requirements, and explain how we can help. Every racking installation job is different, but our team is well-versed in extracting the relevant information and planning an efficient turnaround.

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